A Note on Returning Badges

Sometimes badges can be lost in the mail by USPS. If we receive no proof that you sent your badges back to us, this can result in an incursion of late fees ($20 per badge) past 60 days the end of your wear period.

Here are some tips we recommend to ensure your badges reach us safely.

– Use the bag we provide or any padded envelope for badges. If you cannot find the bag we provide for returns, padded envelopes are the safest option available. You do not need the bag to send back badges, so even if your next set of badges haven’t arrived or the bag isn’t available, your badges still need to be returned in a padded envelope within 60 days the end of their wear period.

– Drop the badges in the mail within the first week of the end of their wear period. USPS can sometimes have huge delays on their end, so sending back badges as soon as possible is essential in ensuring they arrive back to us.

– When you return badges back to us, make sure to keep your receipt in a safe place. If USPS happens to lose your package, the receipt will prove you sent back your badges within 60 days the end of your wear period and therefore you shouldn’t garner late fees for those badges. Without a receipt or tracking (detailed below), we have no way of knowing if you actually sent badges back to us or not.

– Apply the appropriate amount of postage. The United States Postal Service has recently changes their guidelines regarding postage. Therefore we recommend going inside the post office to send off packages (a detailed sheet on USPS’ new postage rules is included further down on this page). If you go inside to send off the package, you’ll be able to confirm that postage is accurate and therefore able to ship to us properly. Usually postage is just a few dollars, depending on how many badges you’re sending back, but that leads us to our next tip: tracking.

– Apply tracking Tracking is always optional because of extra cost, and we put no obligations on the customer to put it into use. However, applying tracking is truly the best way we have of knowing if you sent badges back or not; therefore, if USPS happens to lose your package, we can forgive any late fees you might have garnered past 60 days of the end of your wear period.


Below are USPS’ new zoned shipping instructions regarding postage requirements:

If sent via USPS:

Mirion Technologies (GDS), Inc.
PO BOX 801
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

If sent via FedEx/UPS:

Mirion Technologies (GDS), Inc.
104 Union Valley Rd
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


We hope this clears some questions up that we receive regarding badge returns. And as always, if you have any more questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 321-234-4141 or shoot us an email at info@dosimetrybadge.com.