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This dosimeter badge is perfect for your facilities radiation monitoring needs. Typically quarterly dosimetry badge service is used among dentist, veterinary, chiropractor's practices, TSA officials, law enforcement and security officers that are exposed to smaller amounts of radiation. Pain management facilities, imaging centers and hospitals typically choose monthly x-ray monitoring. Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines require any employee receiving an estimated occupational dose of 10% of the legal limit are required to wear dosimetry badges.


  1. Quarterly dose reports
  2. Personalized to each individual subject to ensure proper identification.
  3. Top-Notch Quality and durability.
  4. You may only have it for a short time but these APEX OSL film badges are built to last!
  5. Utilizes the latest technology in exposure pattern discrimination.
  6. With the use of these above industry standard badges a subject can potentially isolate particular instances of high radiation exposure.
  7. Protects against tampering/deliberate misuse of badges.
  8. Ensures accurate readings every time!

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Minimum quantity 1-56-1011+
Annual (4 Quarters of Service)$79.00

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