Instadose Vue Photon

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The Instadose®VUE provides fast exposure reporting and dosimeter status feedback, making exposure tracking and compliance easier. With the use of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Technology, it wirelessly transmits radiation dose exposure anywhere, anytime, and as often as needed. Now administrators and wearers can track dose on-demand.


  • Provides a visual display of dosimeter status and communication feedback instantly.
  • Indicates on the dosimeter when communication is overdue.
  • Compliance indicator assures wearers and administrators that the dosimeter is functioning properly and being utilized appropriately.
  • Utilizes advanced technologies: Direct Ion Storage (DIS) and SmartMonitoring™.
  • Exposure trending provides greater insights–expanding the opportunities to identify and mitigate risks.
  • Automated email notifications when a dose parameter is exceeded.
  • Immediate online dosimeter reassignments and account updates.
  • Protected Personal Information (PPI) safe! No PPI is stored on the Instadose®VUE dosimeter.

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