Panasonic dosimeter badge UD-800

Dosimetry Badge features the UD-800 Series TLD Badge manufactured by Panasonic. Dosimetry Badge uses Panasonic dosimeter badges exclusively, as this particular model Panasonic dosimeter badge is widely considered the industry standard and are the best dosimeter badges on the market today.

A Thermoluminescent Dosimeter Badge (TLD Badge) differ from a film badge and works to determine the exposure to ionizing radiation by measuring the amount of light emitted from a crystal inside the detector. When measured, TLD badges will emit light in an amount proportionate to the radiation.

The Panasonic dosimeter badge TLD is lightweight, small, and unobtrusive. Panasonic Dosimeter Badge is an extremely reliable personal dosimeter specifically designed to deliver superior accuracy. The UD-800 Series TLD Badges known also for ruggedness and resistance to damage from mechanical impact.

Likewise, TLD badges are the industry standard technology today and have more reliability than film, plus numerous other benefits over other technologies on the market today. TLD badges are similar to film badges in their appearance and how they function, but some are much more sensitive and can measure lower doses of radiation.

The UD-800 Series TLD of Panasonic dosimeter Badge uses thin elements of tissue-equivalent Li2B4O8:Cu and ultra-sensitive CaSO4:Tm. These badges encapsulated within a case containing the appropriate filters and optical ID-code. This design has a superior detection level and angular dependence and due to the highly sensitive calcium sulphate phosphor (CaSO4:Tm) used in the UD-800 Series TLD Badges, they are able to precisely measure radiation in much lower doses.

Dosimetry Badge takes great pride in the fact that Dosimetry Badge TLD badges are the highest-quality; personal dosimeter badges on the market today and being manufactured using the latest in badge technology, manufacturing and reading processes to assure every one of absolute monitoring precision.

Customer Service and Reliability Are the Number One Priority

At Dosimetry Badge, top priorities are always providing you with the service and reliability you need and expect from your dosimeter badge provider. Dosimetry Badge supply easy to use return envelopes for all your badges so handling the return is easy.

Reliability in reading dosimeter badges is of the utmost importance and rest assured that your results from Dosimetry Badges uses an ISO 9001 accredited, NVLAP Accredited Laboratory (NVLAP Code 1100512-0), to process your results accurately and reliably every time. The company knows the safety of you and your employees depend on the reliability of the readings we provide from and we take this part of our job very seriously.