We all know that in any industry where employees are exposed to radiation on a cumulative basis, or handle radioactive wastes or other radioactive materials, these employees must wear a TLD badge to measure and monitor their exposure to radiation. But just as importantly, these employees must also learn and know how to use their TLD Dosimetry badges for Safety properly by knowing how and when to wear them while at work.

First and foremost, radiation safety procedures must always be strictly followed and enforced in the workplace at all times to provide the utmost in protection.

One of the first things employees must understand about their radiation badges, is that while these products can provide a clear picture of their personal radiation exposure, they do not guard against exposure in any way or provide any type of radiation shielding. The protection that dosimetry badges can provide them comes in the form of being monitored consistently by wearing their TLD badge properly.

The other things employees should know is how to wear their dosimeter badge properly, the proper placement and to avoid any areas in the building. So please make sure you train your employees on how, when and where to wear their badges.

Quality Counts For Compliance and Litigation Issues

There are both state and federal regulations regarding the monitoring of employees and setting the maximum levels of radiation exposure in the workplace per year. The bottom line is that if a business’ employees are likely to be exposed to 10% of the federal yearly limit, the employer must monitor employees on an ongoing basis with a radiation dosimetry badge.

The best way to monitor your employees and protect them, as well as protect yourself from possible litigation, is to have high-quality, personal radiation dosimeter badges that will accurately record levels of exposure over time and archive that information safely and securely for future reference if needed.

In the unlikely event that you are ever involved in litigation due to some type of workplace radiation exposure, you can rest assured that the data collected from your badges will be easily available and considered 100% reliable in a court of law.