Our Story

Originally founded in 1971 as Health Physics Services Inc., the company began as a full service radiation consulting company. Our staff of Certified Health Physicists traveled North America providing services to clients such as Washington Hospital Center, the VA Medical System in over 30 states, the US Postal Inspection Office, USAirways, General Motors, and individual x-ray offices from dental labs to veterinary clinics all across the nation. Dr. Scott Benjamin purchased the company in 1996 and expanded the offerings to include providing a 200-hour certification course to cardiologists seeking nuclear certification (http://www.hrsiseminars.com). The world renowned faculty in this program successfully trained over 1000 cardiologists across the country in the science of safely handling radiation and radioactive materials. This certification program was embraced by the University of Texas Health Science Center, Baylor Medical Center, the University of Maryland, the University of North Carolina, Penn State’s Geisinger, Harvard Medical Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center and many others.

Understanding the need for cost effective dosimetry services, Dr. Benjamin launched Dosimetry Badge as a way of purchasing badges in bulk quantities, automating the ordering and processing systems on line and driving down the overall costs of providing these services. The savings are then realized by our outstanding clients. Due to these massive economies of scale, Dosimetry Badge is becoming one of the premier companies offering dosimetry services to veterinary centers, chiropractic clinics, hospital center, radiology centers, nuclear medicine departments and industries across the globe.

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Our Products

Dosimetrybadge.com is a proud distributor of high-quality Panasonic UD-800 Series TLD radiation badges for any type of industry that necessitates or requires its employees to wear radiation monitoring, personal dosimeter badges.

Dosimetry Badge Features The Panasonic UD-800 Series TLD Badges

UD-800 Series TLD Badges manufactured by Panasonic has been the number one supplier to all of our clients. Dosimetry Badge have chosen to use these badges exclusively because the UD-800 Series TLD badge is widely considered by many as the industry standard in radiation monitoring. We feel they are without a doubt, the most reliable and accurate personal dosimeter badges on the market today.

The Panasonic TLD Badge is a very lightweight, small and unobtrusive personal dosimeter badge. They are also an extremely reliable personal dosimeter that has been specifically designed to deliver superior accuracy in measuring exposure to radiation. The UD-800 Series TLD Badges are also known for their ruggedness and resistance to damage.

TLD badges are quite similar to film badges in their appearance and the physics behind how they function, but due to the elements used in their design, they are much more sensitive and can measure much lower doses of radiation. The UD-800 Series TLD Badges use very thin elements of tissue-equivalent Li2B4O8:Cu and ultra-sensitive CaSO4:Tm. These elements provide for a superior detection level and due to the highly sensitive calcium sulphate phosphor (CaSO4:Tm), they are able to more precisely measure radiation and at much lower doses than film badges.

A Commitment To Quality Customer Service

The quality of our badges is of utmost importance to us, but at Dosimetry Badge our next priority is providing all of our customers with the highest possible customer service and reliability you need and expect from your dosimeter badge provider. We supply the easy to use return envelopes for all your badges so handling their return for reading is always quick and easy.

Setting up an account is easy via our interactive web site or speaking with our dedicated customer service agents. The typical delivery time for your custom dosimetry badge is 5 business days but we can accommodate overnight processing and shipping as well.

We understand that accuracy in the reading of dosimeter badges is of the utmost importance and you can be assured that your results from Dosimetry Badge will be accurate and reliable each and every time. We understand the health and safety of your employees depends on the reliability of the readings we provide and we take this part of our job very seriously. With Dosimetry Badge.Com you will always have a highly trained, professional customer service representative available to answer any questions you may have about your badges or your results.


Scott Benjamin, PhD

Scott Benjamin, PhD

Dr. Scott Benjamin is the President and CEO of Radiation Protection Services. Over the course of his career, Dr. Benjamin has been involved with all aspects of radiation consulting, training and providing equipment to clients ranging from small clinics to hospital systems

Thomas E. Johnson PhD, CHP

Thomas E. Johnson PhD, CHP

Dr. Thomas Johnson is Chief External Scientific Advisor at Radiation Protection Services. He is a Certified Health Physicist with over 30 years of industry experience.